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Supporting Services of Academic Affairs

Entrance & Transfer

1. Consultation for enterance & tranasfer
2. Guidance to membership in accordance with school form
3. Provision for application form & other forms to apply (Self-introduction, Written Oath, Recommendation)
4. Confirmation for final school graduation certificate & transcript
5. Confirmation for recommendation
6. Passport copy or other copy to identify own self
7. Photo (3㎝x4㎝) 1

Academic Administration

1. Duration of a school
2. Leaving school/re-admssion
3. Expeling/dropping from the school
4. Changing academic record

Educational Process

1. Curriculum introduction
2. Management for classes registration
3. Intensive term
4. Examination
5. Grade evaluation
6. Management for credits
7. Issuance of various forms related to school affairs

Evaluation for Graduation

1. Graduation Credits
2. Evaluation for graduation

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