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This school is accredited by Sound denomination in Korea.

This school is a seminary dedicated to theological education of foreigners in Korean Assemblies of God. It is a seminary belonging to one of the most traditional and orthodox denominations of the Full Gospel Church.

This school is a seminary with various scholarships in addition to Korean Assemblies of God.

FGANTS is a seminary supported by the General Assembly from admission to graduation.  It is also a seminary with a variety of scholarships. It will be a seminary that can help any materially difficult seminary students. It will help those who want to do theology, but have some difficulty due to environmental problems.

Instructors of FGANTS consist of doctoral holders and long-time teaching careers from seminaries at Korea and abroad.

Our instructors are composed of Pentecostal theologians and conservative theologians, and all instructors are made up of people with long teaching experience or pastoral experience, providing theological education to seminarians from a traditional and orthodox perspective. Therefore, the theology taught at this school is not a liberal theological approach, but a conservative theological education based on living and working words, helping students establish a sound theology and faith.

The technical part of the lecture is that we are confident that our school is one of the best online lectures.

Our videos are shown in clear image quality (video) and clear sound (audio). You can also take lectures that do not break the screen and text on high-definition (HDMI) TV. Those who work in the video editing department of this school are made up of professional experience in editing. Thus we are making every effort to ensure that the lectures are not disturbed by the problem of poor video and audio for classmates who study with videos.

You don't have to worry about running the video.

Even if all students log in and access at the same time, there is no shut-down or delay in buffering. The ‘server’ for playing our videos has enough capacity. The system’s simple understanding makes it easy for anyone to watch lecture videos. Because the system is simple to understand, anyone can easily watch lecture videos. Our school will try to provide an optimal learning environment for classmates to study.

Our school conducts real-time face-to-face lectures with professors when necessary.

If Off-Line lectures are not available due to natural disasters or infectious diseases during Off-Line lectures at school, students log-in and build a real time face-to-face lecture system through their computer or mobile phone in their living space.,Anyone can easily participate in the lecture because the system’s understanding of face-to-face lecture participation is simple. We will try to provide a more realistic learning environment through face-to-face lectures.

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