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General Affairs

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Supporting Services of General Affairs


1. Management of Membership‧Login‧Logout
2. Management of A/V (Audio/Video) Lectures
3. Management of ID/PW
4. Technical Support for PC Computer, Tablet PC, and Mobile Phone Lectures
5. Support for all technical issues of lectures (on-line, off-line)
6. Solving technical problems of domestic & abroad branch schools


1. Receipt of contributions for mission
2. Issuance of various certificates
3. Proceure of student scholarship


1. Student recruitment
2. Domestic & abroad Christain News Papers
3. Domestic & abroad Christian TVs & Radios
4. Denominational news papers in Korea
5. Christian column of a regular daily newspaper
6. Internet portal site


1. External cooperation related departments to promote school
2. Development of board members to support school
3. Development of general members to support school
4. MOU on development of domestic branch schools
5. MOU on development of abroad branch schools
6. MOU with denominations for students' careers

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