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Class Year LimitQualificationsRemarks
1 year, 4 semesters- 20 years of age or older
- Educational background can be adjusted after interview with the dean
- 2 years or more since joining the churc
- 356 days rolling admission
- After graduation, students can transfer to the 4-semester program at the School of Theology

※ The course period is 4 months (120 days) from the start of the semester.

SemesterSubject codeCourse TitleCredits
1 semester
OT 101Introduction to the Old Testament3
NT 101Introduction to the New Testament3
ST 101Introduction to Systematic Theology3
PT 101Introduction to Practical Theology3
CL 101Chapel and Spiritual FormationP/F
2 semester
HT 101World Church History3
HT 201Korean Church History3
PT 102Missionary Studies3
PT 204Christian Education3
CL 201Chapel and SpiritualityP/F
3 semester
BS 301Biblical Interpretation3
PT 403Christian Leadership & Administration3
PT 302Cultural Anthropology3
PT 303Silent Age Theology(345)3
CL 301Chapel and Spiritual FormationP/F
4 semester
OT 401Spirituality3
NT 401Christian Counseling3
ST 401Discipleship3
PT 401Pastoral and Church Music3
CL 401Chapel and Spiritual FormationP/F
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